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Oval Moon Star Projector night lamp - NEW !!!

$40.00 $55.00

LED Moon Lamp : Rechargeable Moon Lamp Magic Floating Rotary 3D Lamp 

To ensure it rotates please press the B button for 2-5 seconds.   This can be used either with 3 AA batteries (NOT included) or USB.  Suitable in a child's bedroom.

Button Installation:
A Button - Power and Lighting Modes Control button.
 1st-3rd button press : shift single light color in turn
 4th button press : auto change light color
 5th button press : mix color constant on
 6th button press : mix color fade in and fade out
 7th button press : turn off
B Button - Brightness and Rotation control button.
 Short press to adjust brightness as 100% - 50% - 5%
 Long press for about 2s to control rotation function




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