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Kia Ora - Arohanui

Artistic Fashion and Flare

Welcome to my world of Curvaceous Living and Curvaceous World NZ LTD

The Curvaceous Living and World aims to cater to the needs, hopes and desires of the curvaceous person and living the curvaceous life.

When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia And PTSD I made myself a promise - to DREAM AND CREATE - To be all that I can be and to SEEK solutions no matter what. I set about accepting myself for who I am and for what I could become.

Firstly I embraced my Curvy self and made it my focus to “thrive”. I realised my curvy life was more than just what I wore but how I expressed myself. Clothing; jewelry; makeup; accessories; artistic flare and Home is my world.

I choose ALL my products based on quality, style and distinction. My belief is;-  If I wont wear it, I wont sell it.   I show-case a unique range of plus-sized rings, clothing, handbags, lingerie, tops, dresses, jewelry and anything else that is a part of the Curvaceous World.

Join  me in curvaceous living world,  express yourself with artistic fashion flare............

I hope you find something that you may cherish and adore. AIO and blessings - Careen.



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  • I am an an advocate for safer trading and Paypal. (See my other blogs about safer trading). 

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