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Hello everyone.  Something has come to mind regarding safer trading practices on facebook.  I saw a post from someone who had deposited money into a person bank account and that person had not sent the item bought.  The item was quite expensive.  It bought home to me the importance of providing safer options for payment. 

I am a great supporter of Paypal and I myself have experienced many positive things as a seller and buyer with Paypal.  I cannot emphasise how important it is to remain safe when trading online.

Click HERE to secure a FREE account.

To learn more about safe internet practices click HERE to connect to Net safe.  Net safe is an organisation dedicated to helping people navigate the internet safely and also highlights the many scams that are pervading the net.  

I have a new line of Sterling Silver jewelry coming soon.  I am absolutely excited.  I like to include a wide range of products to meet the needs of my clients.  I will keep you updated as I add more to the collection.

If you are looking for anything on the site, use the SEARCH option located at the top of each website page.  I find it handy myself and often use it.

If you need to contact me click  HERE  to access my contact page.  You can leave me a message and I will get back to you ASAP.

Join my group FB page to access bargains and deals.  I have a special discount rate for my members.   

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Happy trading everyone and be safe.


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