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The importance of colour

I have just been reading about the healing properties of colour, and how each colour has both frequency and amplitude.  In other words, how often and height.  I know from my own personal experience colour can affect my mood, Ive always known this however in my late 20s I started reading about how you can use colour as a healing tool.  I first started wearing more colour and noticed how that felt, but more importantly how it affected other people.  I found some colours got more attention than others when I wore them, even the colour lipstick I wore could affect peoples perception of my age.  All this fascinated me.  Then I started to hear about people who used colour to heal animals and that animals too were and are affected by colour. 

From that time I have always worn colour, and even though I do wear black you can guarantee I wear lots of colour to accompany it.  For years I wanted to wear more jewellery but I could never find anything that I could fit.  What I could fit usually under the "gothic" jewellery range and more suited to a male energy than me. 

I spend alot of time unwell, however I make it my mission to get up most days and apply makeup. put colourful clothes on and match my jewellery with my outfit.  Even if I end up back in bed, which often I do, I still make this ritual a number one thing to do. 

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