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About Careen

Hi all, welcome to a wee blog about me.

I live in New Zealand and I am part of a large whanau (family).  I love my life despite having a chronic illness.  I find my life, like many is a delicate balance and dance of light.  

Finding the balance at times can be a bit of a juggle.  In between the joyous times I have challenges. These challenges can leave me feeling and being isolated (physically and emotionally).  However within the isolation I have discovered many things. One such thing is the value of being true to oneself. I have found within myself a passion for all things bling and beautiful.  There is beauty and truth in so many things, sentient beings and life.

My goal has become an expression of the "curvaceous woman within".  I live with the belief "I am my Greatest gift" "We are our Greatest Gift".  

If you haven't already guessed I love Bling, I love makeup and I love Clothes.  However, I have found, in the past, difficultly in finding these things for myself in sizes that fit me at a reasonable price. Sourcing them can be a challenge.

I am so up for a challenge :).  Living with challenges and moving walls is something I have become adept at (tongue in cheek).

My aim with my e-commerce boutique is to offer plus-sized clothing and accessories for sale within a "safe trading" environment.  I am an an advocate for safer trading and Paypal.  (See my other blogs about safer trading).  Like me so many men and women just want to feel good with the things they wear.  

I hope you can find something on my site that brings you joy and helps you to feel good as well as being a practical inclusion in your wardrobe.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents, my sisters, my brother, my husband, Marara and Amberley for their support and love.  Thank you.

Well that's just a wee bit about me and how I came to start "Curvaceous World New Zealand Limited".  Enjoy your day.

Safe trading everyone and be happy.

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  • Michael WILSON on

    Hi Careen, i hope this venture is prosperous for u in all aspects of yr life. Love u foreva xo

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